Grilling and Games

I got a generous invitation to a grilling afternoon and evening from Chuck this weekend.  I got to eat some awesome food, meet his awesome family, and get beat by many of them in three awesome games.  First up was Century: Spice Road.  This is quickly becoming a go-to for faster, introductory type games.  The fast pace and short time-frame work really well with less intense players, and the complex puzzle aspect works well with those who like meatier fare – a great balance.  For a more rambling description of the game, see my last post.  Saturday marked the third time I’ve introduced this game to a teenager, and I’m 0 for 3 in those situations. This time it was Gabriel, Chuck’s 17-year-old nephew.

Initial setup, with a reference hand to demonstrate how HUGE you are.

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Game Night!

Julie begins her domination.

Game night actually started with Torin and I playing 13 Minutes from Jolly Roger Games.  It was actually my second game of this today, as Gerald and I played it this afternoon. It’s a light, micro-version of the same producer’s game 13 Days, a card game about the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is itself an homage to the classic Twilight Struggle. (Which reminds me, I need to check on my online TS game. . . wait one.)  Torin made sure to remind me why I’m no good at these event-based card games.

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I’m back!

It has been a couple (couple?) of years, but is back on the internet!  [pause for applause]

. . .

. . .

So, no one missed me?  Ok.  Fair enough.  But we’ve (wow, it’s really hard to stay in first person singular when writing about ourse . . . myself.) moved on to a new hosting service.  One that won’t randomly shut me down for months at a time for having “malware” that was part of the core operating system of WordPress, and in any case that I paid them to keep off my site in the first place. . .

. . .

Yeah.  So this is a new start.  So new, in fact, because I can’t import my old site due to the aforementioned ass-hattery of  I have the posts and comments in an excel file (since attempts to export and re-import the SQL database also failed), so I may find the time to create a sort of archive?  Perhaps I’ll revisit the 40 games in 40 days exercise, or finally finish the 40 years of music posts.  Maybe I’ll even do some more podcasting.  Who knows.

I’ve spent the first couple of days replacing our recipe repository, and except for missing images, it’s all been replaced.  (If you’re interested, you can see what we’ve posted at  That one will likely see some frequent updating this summer.)