Grilling and Games

I got a generous invitation to a grilling afternoon and evening from Chuck this weekend.  I got to eat some awesome food, meet his awesome family, and get beat by many of them in three awesome games.  First up was Century: Spice Road.  This is quickly becoming a go-to for faster, introductory type games.  The fast pace and short time-frame work really well with less intense players, and the complex puzzle aspect works well with those who like meatier fare – a great balance.  For a more rambling description of the game, see my last post.  Saturday marked the third time I’ve introduced this game to a teenager, and I’m 0 for 3 in those situations. This time it was Gabriel, Chuck’s 17-year-old nephew.

Initial setup, with a reference hand to demonstrate how HUGE you are.

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Game Night!

Julie begins her domination.

Game night actually started with Torin and I playing 13 Minutes from Jolly Roger Games.  It was actually my second game of this today, as Gerald and I played it this afternoon. It’s a light, micro-version of the same producer’s game 13 Days, a card game about the Cuban Missile Crisis, which is itself an homage to the classic Twilight Struggle. (Which reminds me, I need to check on my online TS game. . . wait one.)  Torin made sure to remind me why I’m no good at these event-based card games.

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